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Top 3 Reasons 21Ten Reps Should Build Their Business Online

This article outlines the 3 reasons why 21Ten reps should build their business online. If you are reading this you are either thinking about joining 21Ten or already joined. The main reasons for building your business are: access to a bigger market, generation of interested leads online, and it’s easy to design sales funnel specifically for network marketers.

Here I have listed some of the main reasons why 21Ten reps should build this business online. see what benefits are associated with each reason:

Reason #1: Accessing A Bigger Market


Learning how effectively market your business online is huge. The first being that you are not limited to recruiting by location. You have an international reach through online marketing. If you’re spending time convincing your prospect, than you have too many leads and building your 21Ten business online is extremely important

Reason #2: Generate Interested Leads


There’s a difference between recruiting your family and friends, buying generic mlm leads, and generating your own leads. If you’re recruiting warm market, you are wasting time sifting sorting trying to find entrepreneurs. If you’re buying generic leads, you’re competing against other networkers that the leads have been resold to and the prospect’s level of motivation to get started. Generating your own leads allows you to only deal with motivation prospects who want to learn from you and value your leadership. This can be achieved through quality content marketing online.

Reason #3: Create a Sales Funnel specifically for network marketers


Building your business online allows you design a network marketing specific sales funnel. Chances are that you are not new to this rodeo. You can leverage your experience good and bad and create a web-based sales funnel or “funded proposal” in order to filter out tire-kickers and offset your advertising costs by selling training and tools to motivated prospects and preparing them to join your business. Creating this system for the web is not only easy for your prospects to access but you reaching them in various mediums: videos, articles, podcasts, radio shows etc.

As you can see, there are many benefits for you to sell more Life Shotz and build a bigger 21Ten team using the web for recruiting. This is mainly due to the larger market reach online, the ability to generate interested leads and the ability to create network marketing specific sales funnel easily.

Below you will find additional resources for your building your 21Ten business online.